The intelligent system for your business training activities

We strive for better Education

We believe that trainers have a crucial mission today: to deliver the best possible training to help people grow. Our main ambition is to make education as easy, effective and accessible as possible.

Impactful Technology and Innovation

With our system, trainers can retrieve the most appropriate resources to achieve training objectives. So they can quickly implement courses for effective and deeply personalized training.

Intelligent Transformation for enterprise

A wide range of opportunities to bring you innovation tailored to your business

Training activities management

We use Artificial Intelligence models for course optimization, creation and refinement, reducing the time required for experts and faculty to publish and update training courses.

Recommender System

Our Recommender System helps experts and teachers create and aggregate learning materials, suggesting content that best suits users’ needs.

WhoTeach AI

Our complete Digital Learning solution designed for B2B, equipped with Artificial Intelligence, supporting training centers and companies.


Two innovative solutions to manage your didactical material

To find the best contents

Decision trees based on logical rules allow for a significant level of explainability

To create courses in just a few clicks

A system based on deep learning, collaborative filtering, and sub-symbolic methods

“By 2025, at least 50% of employees will need significant re-skilling and up-skilling”

World Economic Forum, The future of Jobs (2020) 

Accelerators and Financial supporters

Useful documents

Bring Intelligent Transformation to your business

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